Proactive Parenting


Countless families and teenagers find themselves grappling with various challenges. In collaboration with the Life Improvement STEPS Program, St. John’s is excited to introduce a comprehensive online toolkit tailored for families. We recognize that:

  • Half of all families confront substance abuse or mental health issues.
  • Adolescents inevitably encounter a myriad of challenges and temptations.
  • Astonishingly, 90% of those facing difficulties do not seek assistance.

Remember, you are not alone. Our aim is to offer families valuable resources through a special online platform, emphasizing "Biblical Parenting to help disciple your kids." Explore these resources to discover:

  • Practical steps to ensure teenagers remain healthy, happy, and secure.
  • A scripture-based approach to nurturing children with both grace and truth.
  • Accessible online resources designed for parents, caregivers, and churches.
  • Effortless sharing of these resources within church communities.

Together, let's navigate the journey of parenthood and adolescence with support, guidance, and a community that understands.

Check out the St. John’s dedicated website via the STEPS website:

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
Northwestern Ohio Synod Stephen Ministries