Recent Health Concerns: 

Cathy & Mike Wisler, Denise & daughter Julia Avery, Marge Zak, Brian Harder, Gary Harder, Becky Witt, Carol Shaw*, Lori (Dunn) Warren*, Becky Krieger*, Vicki Leaser, Diana Jordan*, Eloise Hellwig*, Gary Durivage, Jimmer Kennedy*, Patricia Peters, Rick Goldstein*, Ken Annello*, Ila Ellis, Pastor Dennis Wansitler*, Angela Arebaugh*, Gary Witt, Dale Jess, John Cox*, Ellie Marks*, Susan Behlmer*, Amy Schulte*, the Everett family, Beverly Lange*, Martie Ayres*, Samantha Johnson, Kristen Grotz*, Paul Broughton*, Bruce Perry, Roselyn Lycken*, Brian Harder*, Sue Kazmir*, Loren Welch*, Philip Jones*.                * denotes family & friends from outside the church


Individuals who are in assisted living or nursing homes, chronically ill, in rehabilitation, or experiencing some special need: 

Dave Baldwin, Gary Boyer, Erin Callahan, Renee Coyle, Gary Cullenen, Heather Dewitz, Janet Domokos, Julie Dunn, Phil & Jane Fehr, Thelma Harder, Bob Harris, Carl Hepner, Dale Jess, Fred Kohlman, Tom Leaser, Joyce Laubacher, Clark Lieske, Connie Maike, Elijah Magoto, Patricia Medlin, Becky Minick, Ruth Mylander, Joyce Nixon, Ruth Oestreich, Fredrick Peters, Sharon Peters, Janet Price, John Rust, the Schaser family*, Phyllis Sharp, John Singer, Jillie Snyder, Carolyn Watson, Arlene Wilburn, Melvin Zelms.





Thursdays from 9-11am in January, February, March, mid-September, October & mid-November in the 2nd floor Social Room.  All are welcome to join and/or take fabric kits home to sew (located by the handicap ramp).

  • Coffee Hour
  • Medical Equipment Closet


St. John's Medical Equipment Closet accepts donations of clean, gently used medical equipment.  Items are checked, sanitized and made available to anyone in our community with a need.  Equipment is available at no cost and is not a loan.  We do ask that when the receiver no longer needs the equipment, it be passed along to bless someone else. 

Examples of available equipment include:  wheelchairs, walkers, canes, crutches, bedside commodes, shower seats, elevated toilet seats, bed rails, portable ramps, tray tables, disposable hygiene items (pull-ups, bed pads), medication boxes, etc.

We gratefully accept donations but have a limited amount of space available.  Please call the church office to arrange a time to drop off your donation.  Please note we CANNOT ACCEPT hospital beds, power wheelchairs or customized wheelchairs, any kind of respiratory equipment or lift chairs.

If someone you know has a need for medical equipment, please call St. John's church office at (419) 898-6474 to check availability.  The office is open Monday through Thursday from 8:30-4:00 and Friday 8:30-12:00. 

  • Helping with the Community Garden
  • Watering Flowers/Landscaping
  • Via de Cristo
  • Scholarships Available 

Lutheran Higher Education Scholarship: for any member of the congregation attending a Lutheran school.  Request forms are in the office

Doris Mylander Scholarship: for member of St. John's or BCS school district graduate majoring in music, in their Sophomore or Junior year.

  • Missionaries

        Revs Rachel Eskesen & Zach Courter:     Lent 2023

                                                                           October 2022  (video link)

                                                                           Update on Ukrainian Conflict   

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          Drs Stephen & Jodi Swanson:             


          Cynthia Holder Rich:   April 2021         May 2021          July 2021          September 2021

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  • Military Personnel (Please contact the church office if you would like to add anyone to this list.)

           Art Ceraldi, son of Doug & Joy Ceraldi, Navy, stationed in Bremerton, WA

          Steve Cox, husband of Holly (Garza) Cox, Air Force, stationed in Abilene, TX

          Tyler Krieger, grandson of Ron & Margie Krieger, Air Force, stationed at Offutt AFB, NE

          Wyatt Kunk, nephew of Marcia & Don Jess, Air Force, stationed in Okinawa

          Brian Lange, nephew of Glenna Hetrick, Air Force, deployed to Japan

          William Loosier, nephew of Marge Zak, Alabama National Guard

          Jacob Mattimoe, son of Chuck & Laura Mattimoe, Army National Guard

          Mason McDougall, grandson of Rod & Gerry Wolf, Army, stationed in Florida

          Madison McKitrick, daughter of John & Julie McKitrick, Air Nat’l Guard

          Clark Rutledge, son of Kevin & Michelle Rutledge, Air Force, stationed in South Carolina

          Kyle Rutledge, son of Kevin & Michelle Rutledge, Air National Guard, with Red Horse in Mansfield, OH

          Douglas Seeger, grandson of Elaine Young, Air Force, stationed in California

          Thomas Schnitker, grandson of Rose Mary Weirich, Air National Guard

          Tessa Tyburski, daughter of Mary Green, Air Force, stationed at Ft Walton Beach, FL

          Konner Witt, son of David & Lu Ann Witt, Air Force, stationed in Hawaii

          Niki (Reau) & Ricky Zellner, niece & her husband of Randy Kohlman, Navy, stationed in San Diego


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