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Summer Worship Series


Beginning the week of June 29/30 and for the next seven weeks, Pastor Becky will lead in a new worship series on "work and worship." Think of where you  spend the majority of your time during the week – at your job, at school, at home, at your volunteer occupation. This is your work. We are invited to bring our whole selves, including our work, into worship.

There are five glass bowls at the front of the sanctuary (or in the Narthex). Each represents a different aspect of the work we bring into worship. We will illustrate how to use these bowls in the next weeks. Each time you come into worship, you are invited to pick up one or several marbles and say a silent but specific prayer as you drop a marble into each bowl that feels relevant that week.

Unlike the daily work of ancient Israelites, much of our work is intangible. How can we
give workers a tangible way to bring their work with them into worship? The bowls represent those possibilities.  
The bowls are labeled as follows:

  • Bowl 1 -Trumpets of Praise: God, I want to celebrate what you have done this week. Thank you!
  • Bowl 2 - Ashes of Repentance: God, this week I forgot you. I disobeyed. Please accept this confession and forgive me.
  • Bowl 3 - Tears of Lament: God, I don’t understand what happened. Please see me in my sadness and anger.
  • Bowl 4 - Fruits of Offering: God, all I am and all I have comes from you. I offer myself to you. Here is what I offer specifically today.
  • Bowl 5 - Petition and Intercession: God, we need you. Please act in my workplace / school /home; transform it and us.

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