More about SIMPLY GIVING – A simple way to shore your gifts from God   

Simply Giving is a simple and convenient way to make your offering to St. John’s through Electronic Funds Transfer.  We have a number of members who participate in the program today but our goal is to have the majority of our members enroll and begin using the Simply Giving Program.

We are all blessed to be members of St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church.  Our Church is abundant with many blessings and provides numerous services to our congregation and others in need.  We have beautiful facilities, a wonderful Pastor, an excellent staff and many members who volunteer their time and talents in support of many needs of our church, our congregation, our community and beyond.  Great things are happening at St. John’s!

Whether you regularly attend Church or are only able to attend periodically due to work or the many other challenges that face our every day lives, our Church continues to operate and be there for you and therefore needs the support of all our members.  Simply Giving is a way that you can make a commitment of support to your Church, whether you are able to regularly attend worship or not.

You should have recently received communications from our new Stewardship Team as they are working to call for a renewed focus on growing our volunteer and stewardship responses at St. John’s with a theme of Hearts, Hands and Hopes.  Please take the time to prayerfully reflect on your stewardship commitment over the next few weeks.   

Enclosed in this Newsletter is additional information and a Simply Giving form that you can fill out and either bring or mail to the Church office to begin your participation in the Simply Giving Program.  The form only takes a few minutes to fill out, but please take your time as you prayerfully consider and commit your financial gifts to God.  If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact Cindy at the Church office at 419-898-6474. 

In His Service,


Click here to download the Simply Giving Signup Form.