Christian Education

PUMPKIN PRAISE FAMILY CELEBRATION – Christian Ed is again hosting a Pumpkin Praise family celebration on Sunday, October 29th.  Join us in the Social Room during Sunday School at 9:15am to carve your own masterpiece to include in a display in front of the church. 


Committee Members:
     Council Members:    Diane Meckfessel
                                      Michelle Beier    
     Members At Large:  Shawna Shadoan        Deb Roberts
                                      Marisha Everett           Erin Schmidt
                                      Doug Ceraldi               Marcia Jess
                                      Michelle Jess               Mindy Koskela           
Christian Ed meets the 1st Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. in the Christian Ed Room 

DO YOU THINK IT’S IMPORTANT for our children to learn about God?  Sunday school is back in session September 10th, and we are looking for leaders to help guide our children in this important mission.  We would love to have you volunteer for whatever works for you – a single Sunday, one Sunday a month, one Sunday a quarter, several times a quarter, or every week – any time you are able to spend will be greatly appreciated.  Please prayerfully consider volunteering and contact Michelle Beier (419-707-0585), Debbie Roberts (419-707-1463), or the church office with any dates you are available. 

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