Summer Sermon Series

     Aug. 12/13       Week 4          P - Professing

     Aug. 19/20       Week 5          C - Confessing

                                           Aug. 26/27       Week 6          Kneeologians: Prayerful Attitude



2017 ALTAR FLOWER CHART is in the church office. The last open date is November 12th.  If you would like to sign up for this weekend, put your name & phone number by the date you desire.  You will get a reminder call that week to order your flowers & to obtain information for the bulletin.


     –Lutheran Higher Education Scholarship are available to any member of the congregation who attends a Lutheran school. Request forms are in the office.

       - Doris Mylander Music Scholarships are available to a member of St. John's or a student from the BCS School District in their sophomore or junior year of college majoring in music. Send your requests to the Senior Choir at 122 W Ottawa St, Oak Harbor. 

In-Home Communion is available for congregation members that are unable to come to worship services - due to the weather, illness, transportation, etc.  Please contact the church office at 419-898-6474 to be added to our In-Home Communion list. 


We are looking for volunteers to teach and shepherd youth during the Sunday School hour this year. Instead of a year commitment, teachers can sign up for a 3-6 week commitment and Shepherds can sign up for a 6 week or longer commitment. Teachers will be given lesson plans to use for the rotation and be guided by a Unit Coordinator. 

teacher will lead a 3-6 week rotation that shares a lesson that is based on a story from the Bible through hands on learning such as Bible Knowledge, Cooking, Art, Music, and Games. It is like the rotations we did at Camp Discovery. The teacher will teach the same lesson for the rotation and see children from each grade level through the rotation. The teacher will also have support from the Unit Leader who will have the lesson plan materials and be a resource for the teacher.

Shepherd  is someone willing to be with our youth and guide them through the rotations each week. Shepherd would meet the youth in the Opening, take attendance, go to the roatation for the day, assist the teacher if needed (e.g. help students with a craft, assist students in finding scripture) and bring them back to closing.

                                     Please contact any Christian Education Committee Member about this opportunity.